Open Workshop: Everyday Aesthetics

Open Workshop Αισθητική στην Καθημερινότητα


September 30th, 2019, 6:00 p.m.
193 Kifisias ave., Marousi

What is Everyday Aesthetics? It’s a concept that refers to all these everyday aesthetic interests and pursuits, which we deal with on a regular basis. They can integrate aesthetics into our lives easily, but – like everyday life itself – are rarely formulated, or analyzed. There are several examples, such as the way we enjoy the personal or public space; our daily activities including clothing choices, eating and exercise; contact with nature; consumer choices, and more. The seminar was based on the philosophical theories of Ancient Greeks, but also on the most recent international philosophical trends, which deal with aesthetics in daily life.

The experiential nature of the seminar helped us question and discover the multi-dimensional nature of everyday aesthetic experiences, as well as their impact on ethical, cultural, existential and environmental issues. We also focused on ways to improve our daily lives by observing our daily aesthetic experiences.

Open Workshop Αισθητική στην Καθημερινότητα