About aesthetics in everyday life

As a branch of philosophy in its classical formulation, Aesthetics deal with the concepts of aesthetic experience and the aesthetic properties associated with the works of art. This art-focused point of view restricts the aesthetic experience that affects our lives on a daily basis from its scope: from the things we buy, to the way we decorate the spaces we choose to live in, many of our daily decisions are based on aesthetic crises that classic aesthetics ignore.

During the recent decades, however, an emerging sub-branch of Philosophy on Everyday Aesthetics has attempted to approach this topic. Everyday Aesthetics focus on our sensory reactions and our interactions with everyday environments and objects such as the weather, the food, the sports, the fashion, the decoration, the consumer products, and more. The goal is to broaden our appreciation for aesthetics, without excluding an experience simply because it is transient or belong to an everyday routine.

Our daily lives are full of aesthetic interests and concerns, but – like everyday life itself – are rarely formulated, or analyzed. Whether it is the clothes we choose for our work or the ingredients to prepare our food, our aesthetic interests not only shape our daily experience, but also determine many aspects of who we are, what we are and what we can do, deeper and steadier than our experience in art. The aesthetic experience is not just the thought and appreciation of a beautiful landscape or object, but rather the general state of our mind affected by the environment, in which we are present in an aesthetic way. Whether we are sitting on the lounge in a magnificent beach, or crossing the busy streets of a big city, we discover ourselves in relation to the aesthetics of these environments.

Livingaesthetically.life offers us the starting point to think about the different dimensions of everyday aesthetics in our lives, examining, analyzing and clarifying some of the most theoretical aesthetic issues that are otherwise hidden by a plain glimpse. Apart from that, we will examine the relation of everyday aesthetic values ​​to other issues, such as the ethics, the society, the culture and the environment. We will also focus on ways to improve our daily lives by observing our daily aesthetic experiences.