About me…

When people ask me what I do, I usually answer “I’m a project manager and I teach seminars about everyday aesthetics”.

The latter creates curiosity.

”How can you teach aesthetics in everyday life?” They ask. Defiance switches to curiosity on their faces.

”I cannot”, Ι answer. ”I teach people to let themselves live in an aesthetic way.”

“Do you mean that we can all experience the aesthetics in our everyday life?” Mistrust now switches to hope.


“Do you really believe that?”


The idea of aesthetics came after a cultural management program. In the past, I’ve also dealt with linear and free hand drawing, design and crafting, studying interior decoration. I was also looking forward something else, which could combine all above along with moral issues. I met a remarkable mentor and I realized that I was interested in the aesthetics context of our choices in everyday life.

The subject of aesthetics was not unknown to me, but I hadn’t identified that till then. People around me are telling me that I have artistic and kind personality. So, aesthetics are under my skin.

This is my personal project: to help others to look for aesthetics in their living.

Marilena Koliavasili